House organs

House organs are the only organs that first of all are made for the player. Volumes, on and off speech, colours, blendings and resonances most of all need to work from the organ bench. Their sound shall always be stimulating but never tiring.

For my understanding those instruments should not imitate their bigger siblings but never resist the players goal to express his musical ideas.

Naturally the interacting of action, sound, wind and resonance play a very important part for such instruments. It is truly demanding to execute this work with few stops and technical simplicity.


One of the first restoration-projects, which was entrusted to me as young journeyman in England was a North German Bureau-organ, which had …


Lower Bavarian

Through contacts from my apprenticeship I was introduced to a lower Bavarian church-musician, who on the threshold of his retirement looked for a new house-organ. After he had been living one after the other with stronger and opulent instruments he thought about an organ as simple as possible with only one manual and independend pedal.



A church-musician in his rather small music-room is surrounded by fine clavichords and longs to have for his wife and himself a house-organ with two manuals and pedal. An organ-builder to whom he has entrusted the project retires and withdraws from the order. The musician via internet comes across me and my work and asks, wether I could imagine to make an instrument for him.